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Save the date! Saturday, May 23, 7:00 pm: The Lost Tribe in concert at The Barn near Longmont -- an intimate house concert in a beautiful renovated barn with state-of-the-art sound. Details coming soon!

Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe
play nouveau klezmer music -- an exuberant musical experience, rooted firmly in traditional Jewish modes and melodies and driven by contemporary rhythms and danceable grooves.

The versatile musicians who make up The Lost Tribe have a deep respect for their source material, from the evocative tunes of Eastern European Jews and Gypsies to the sinuous rhythms of the Middle East and Mediterranean. In the long-standing Jewish tradition of absorbing musical inspiration from surrounding cultures, The Lost Tribe steeps their songs in a broth spiced with rock, reggae, salsa, funk and blues influences, serving up an irresistible party vibe. The band includes 
Hal Aqua (vocals, guitars, octave mandolin, oud), Ben Cohen (electric and acoustic bass, tuba), Shanti Hazan (drums and percussion), Miriam Rosenblum (clarinet, recorders, button accordion), and Anthony Salvo (violin).

The Lost Tribe builds on the tradition of Los Lantzmun (see below), Hal’s popular earlier Jewish world beat band, and includes some of its members. Like that long-running ensemble, the Lost Tribe is dedicated to bringing Jewish music to a wider audience. Whether you’re a longtime klezmer aficionado or have never heard the word, The Lost Tribe will make you a klezmer fan before you can say
mazel tov!

“You did a fabulous job entertaining…you guys can really light up a stage!” —Adam Hart, Prairie Wind Culture Fest, Gillette, WY

Sample our newest songs!
We recently recorded two of our newest original songs, both developed for our collaboration with Wonderbound dance troupe -- “This Is It” and “Biddy Biddy Bom.” Both songs feature Annie Aqua (violin), Hal Aqua (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), Ben Cohen (acoustic and electric bass), Shanti Hazan (percussion), and Miriam Rosenblum (clarinet). Listen to them here:

©2014 The Lost Tribe

If you like these songs, please support the band by downloading high-quality mp3s for 99 cents each at cdBaby:

Listen to some songs from our CD, “Lost and Found”:

01 Subterranean Homesick Blues
02 Bring It Together
03 Greet The Bride
©2011 The Lost Tribe

LostTribe cover
Buy “Lost and Found” at as a CD or downloadable file:

“Crisp, hip, fun, fresh, engaging. You've all done a fabulous service to the genre while stretching that genre at the same time, creating a wonderful new work.” —Sheldon Sands, musician and concert producer, Boulder, CO

“With his latest band, The Lost Tribe, Aqua takes things farther, setting familiar songs back and forth to familiar-sounding melodies from rap to reggae. He also accomplishes the opposite, using strains from ‘Mezinkes Wedding’ to backdrop Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues.’ The repertoire covers the Jewish gamut, and I really like it.” —Ari Davidow,

“I never thought I’d hear Bob Dylan’s lyrics sung to Mezhinkes -- wonderful, amazing, a klezmer happening. Other songs give rock, reggae and funk an entirely new direction, like a musical child born from mixing traditional and contemporary tunes.” —Leslie Lutsky, Radio Centre-Ville, Montreal

For The Lost Tribe’s upcoming events, click here.

Some photos from our shows at Dazzle (thanks to Steve Winber!):
The Lost Tribe with middle eastern ensemble Zuruna and Rabbi Joe Black...


Los Lantzmun brought its high-energy fusion of Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern music to Colorado audiences for over a dozen years, enlivening weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, parties, festivals and clubs. Their well-attended performances at Jewish events (Boulder Jewish Festival, Rose Community Hanukah Party, JCC festivals) and in the wider community (Swallow Hill Music Hall, Gothic Theater, Taste of Denver) showed the band’s ability to cross boundaries, celebrating an ethnic culture as well as the universality of music.
Los Lantzmun recorded two self-produced CDs of lively klezmer, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean fusion music -- One World and Lantzville, available at or directly from Hal Aqua.

Lantzville cover
at I love about Lantzville is the versatility, musicality, and sense of pleasure that the gang gives me." —Rabbi Jack Gabriel, Music Editor, Tikkun Magazine

“Los Lantzmun achieve something very rare among current Jewish music performing bands — a sense of balance among the many types and styles of Jewish music around the globe.” —Ari Davidow,

Listen to “La Comida La Manana” from Lantzville:
La Comida La Manana