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Hal Aqua is a Jewish songleader, prayer leader, musician, and teacher. He serves as Music Director of B’nai Havurah, a Reconstructionist community in Denver, Colorado, and as part-time music leader at Temple Micah, a Denver Reform synagogue. He has provided songleading and music for congregations in Denver; Evergreen;  Boulder; Fort Collins; Greeley; Vail; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Ajijic, Mexico.

In addition to working with many rabbis at services and life cycle events, Hal is an accomplished shaliach tzibbur (prayer leader) in Reform, Reconstructionist, and Renewal settings. In 2001 he completed a two year course of study in Jewish prayer leadership at Elat Chayyim, a spiritual retreat center in upstate New York.

Hal has taught classes in the history of Jewish music and the music of prayer at Denver’s Florence Melton Adult Mini-School and has presented workshops and classes in Jewish world music for numerous Jewish communities in Colorado. He teaches music and prayer to children at B’nai Havurah’s religious school. His classes for all ages are enlivened by Hal’s ever-growing collection of ethnic world instruments.

Hal Aqua brings a deep love of Jewish music and a joyous spontaneity to all of his musical endeavors. Accompanied by guitar, mandolin, Middle Eastern lutes and hand drums, Hal draws people into a participatory, uplifting experience of song -- a journey through Jewish time and space.

“Your deep desire to create a high quality spiritual experience for all of us is a great gift. Combined with your musical talents and vision, your collaborative spirit and leadership, our services have gone ‘l’ayleh l’ayleh’—higher and higher.” —Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav

“Many thanks for your delightful presence, your remarkable skill and gusto.” —Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

“Your music opened up our hearts to the sweetness of the day and to the song of our souls.” —Margery Goldman

“You taught us, entertained us and led us to a broader understanding of Jewish spiritual tradition.” —SoulJourners (Baptist) Planning Committee